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Here are some pics of the various types of wrap we do at Beach Braids: Gypsy Braids / Beach Braids / Hair Wraps / Fancy Wraps / Macrame Wraps / Hemp Wraps

Hair Wraps
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Beach Braids in Duck, Nags Head and Corolla

Beach Braids Hair Wraps is a colorful, fun way to add a temporary creative look to your natural hair. A hair wrap is not a “hair extension” but rather a way to wrap braided strands of your own hair, or a hair extension, with colorful thread. Creating a hair wrap adds a controlled colorful design in your hair without damaging your hair or making the color permanent. Even though the designs created can look very detailed and complicated, wrapping your hair with colorful thread is a fun simple activity that almost all ages can participate in. Even children that are very young can enjoy having their hair wrapped by older girls making it an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy. Hair wraps are an ideal activity to incorporate into a unique girls night, a fun birthday party craft, and are a definite for a boho music festival! Take your hair to the next level with a colorful, creative hair wrap!